Constructioneering Academy

Come learn how to win more projects and reduce costs of project delivery.

The Constructioneering Academy is designed to educate civil design build professionals on the digital construction process. Attendees will learn how they can leverage mass data, digital cameras, design models, and automated machine control to win more work and execute their next project more efficiently.



  • Optimize digital insights to improve project outcomes
  • Advance constructioneering technology, methods, and best practices
  • Streamline asset lifecycle workflows, by integrating surveying, engineering and construction data
  • Create knowledgeable constructioneering leaders
  • Transform design-build performance, enhancing project efficiency and reducing costs


Who Should attend?  

Civil Design Build professionals involved in the pursuit and execution of design build projects.



What is covered in the Agenda?  

Welcome and Introduction to Topcon and Bentley

What is Constructioneering?


  • Common workflows and best practices for site data collection.
  • Opportunity for hands-on experience with current technologies such as total stations, drones, and other data collection methods.

Conceptual Design

  • Using our survey data to develop a conceptual design.

Lunch Break

Detailed Design

  • Bringing the conceptual design forward and adding detail.
  • From the final design, moving the model seamlessly through document management systems to the execution phase.


  • Sending the 3D constructible model to an active project site for design location and quality checks.
  • Opportunity for hands-on experience with heavy machinery on a construction job site, using the machinery to bring the design to reality.

Coffee Break


  • Using the as-built data during the construction process, to develop a continuous representation of reality.


  • After project completion, best practices for using as-built data to facilitate maintenance of the infrastructure asset, via archiving and retrieval processes.

Roundtable Wrap-Up

Open discussion with attendees, to gather feedback from industry leaders on how to further develop the Constructioneering process


Why should you attend?  

Constructioneering is automating the digital construction process through surveying, engineering design, constructible model development and as-built data collection within a connected data environment. You will learn new methods and best practices for improving your firm’s pursuit and execution of civil design build projects.  The course will consist of in-the-field practices and classroom sessions using the latest in engineering software. Join us at our next session!


Upcoming Academy Sessions

Constructioneering Academy – Orlando

Tuesday, June 26 2018 to Wednesday, June 27 2018
Orlando, Florida (USA)



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