Connecting design and construction

Having a vision is one thing; delivering on it is another thing entirely. And for a vision as bold as constructioneering was in 2016, Bentley and Topcon knew the engineering and construction gap would take some time to fill. The creation of a digital twin, a design / construction model that responds to the ever changing reality on site, not only requires great technological change but a significant cultural one as well.

Bentley and Topcon laid the first foundations last year by connecting their cloud platforms – ProjectWise for engineering project collaboration and Magnet Enterprise for construction execution.

Projects in ProjectWise can now be associated with projects in Magnet Enterprise, making it easier to share data and then push that data out to site, as Jason Hallett, vice president of global software business development at Topcon Positioning Systems explains, “It allows a cloud-tocloud connection without actually having to move data all the time. You can have access to the data whenever you need it.”

Bentley and Topcon have also added an online cloud conversion service that Hallett says allows firms to take iModels and transform the portions they need straight out to the field for machine control or surveyors or anybody that might need it.